My name is Chris Hine. I have been working in the IT industry for 20 years developing a range of solutions in the nuclear, telecoms and telecare industries specialising in databases and data-centric solutions.

I now own my own company and work from my office in Bracknell.

Please browse the pages on this site contact me if you feel I can be of service to your business.

The owner at work


Data is useless if it can't be accessed quickly. Scale and performance should be designed into a platform from the outset to ensure data is there when and how you need it.


Modern software platforms all support encryption to keep data away from those who do not need or should see it. Protection of data is at the heart of every platform.


Data should be stored according to need be it on-premise, in a private cloud or the internet cloud.

The Bottom Line

A well-designed platform will reduce your costs and be an asset to the business.

Case Study

My latest project was the design and deployment of the myPoolMate website for Swimovate

Read about the development.